Samples of wardrobe and fashion for men and women from episodes of Cheyenne.
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Standard western styles made up the wardrobe of the television show including button-down shirts, vests, boots, slacks and cowboy hats for the men. Women were most often dressed in tight-fitted, corseted dresses, bonnets and hoop skirts.

Cheyenne Bodie's costume rotated, while extras and main characters often dressed in pieces that made multiple appearances across the course of a season.

Main Character Wardrobe

Season One

In season one, Cheyenne Bodie debuted in a fringed, buckskin coat with beaded pockets, plain slacks and cowboy hat with round metal embellishments. Underneath, he wore a loose-fitting bloused shirt with thick lacing down the chest. This was Cheyenne's standard outfit until The Travelers (1.6) when he appeared in a button-down shirt with thick stitched seams, wide breast pockets and unbuttoned sleeves rolled up to mid forearm -- one of the most common wardrobe selections of the first five seasons. The bloused shirt was retired in favor of more form-fitting clothes.

That iconic fringed buckskin shirt that many people associate with the character of Cheyenne Bodie first debuted in the season one episode West of the River (1.10). The shirt was introduced not as a fashion choice, but out of a need for television trickery. The episode is a one-hour retelling of the movie The Charge at Feather River and certain scenes from that movie were reused in the episode. In order to seamlessly splice scenes between Clint Walker and Charge star Guy Madison, wardrobe needed to coordinate on the extras and the stars. Thus, a facsimile of Madison's fringed, thick-laced shirt was added to the show’s wardrobe and stayed until season 6 and 7.

According to rumor, Clint Walker required assistance to take the shirt on and off because it fit so snug in certain places. (It has a zipper under the right arm that is visible in several scenes.) Due to this limitation, Walker never wore the buckskin shirt in a scene if the script called for Cheyenne to either take off or put on a shirt while on camera.

Season Two

Season Three

Character Wardrobe and Fashion

Men from Season One