Secrets are exposed in a town when a young boy goes missing and a nearby Sioux tribe is blamed for his disappearance.


A group of men from Gainsville stop Cheyenne Bodie on the road and ask him if he's seen a boy riding a spotted mare on the trail. Cheyenne says no, but will keep his eyes pealed. Unknown to all, young Kenny Carver chased a rabbit into a mine earlier that day, caused a cave-in and became trapped inside. On the road back into town, the searchers come across a Sioux named Char leading Ken's pony down the trail. They didn't believe Char's story that he found the animal, and Sheriff Bob Walters recognized him as the son of the local Sioux chief. Suspecting the Sioux of trying to avenge a recent killing of one of their own, Walters decides to bring Char in for questioning and possibly torture.

In the jail, Cheyenne enters just as Walters is preparing to beat the answers out of Char. Walters admits to killing Char's brother just two nights earlier, a fact that obviously shocks and angers the prisoner. Cheyenne vouches for the man's character and whereabouts during the day, but Walters doesn't believe him.

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"I'm staying in town as long as you keep him locked up. I got a lot of respect for that badge you're wearing, sheriff. Takes a real good man not to abuse the authority that goes with it."

- Sheriff Walters wants Cheyenne out of town, but the tall cowboy isn't easily intimidated.

Episode Notes

  • Claude Akins guest stars in this episode as Sheriff John Walters.

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