Susan Ames is like her father: gutsy, fair-minded, loyal and gracious. She's trying hard to keep her family ranch afloat, but not at the cost that Cheyenne Bodie expects her ranch hands to pay.


Susan opened the front door to her home on the JA Ranch and met the gaze of a tall, dark-haired cowboy named Cheyenne Bodie. Her father hired him to be second-in-command on his cattle drive to Dodge City, but didn't tell Susan or his hired men about his plans.

Days after the drive left the ranch, ranch hand Ray Harris arrived to tell Susan the sad news that her father had died on the trail. As Susan and Ray rode on to catch the herd, Ray informed her that Cheyenne had forcibly taken leadership and were driving the men and herd to the point of exhaustion.

When the pair reached the drive, Susan told the crew she wanted Rowdy Shane in charge and Cheyenne kicked out. When the tall cowboy showed up, no one was willing to back up Susan's orders. Cheyenne then told her that she could stay with her drive, as long as she didn't undermine his authority. Susan obviously chafed under Cheyenne's heavy-handed ways.

When the herd finally reached Dodge City, Susan was welcomed as the first herd of the season and received a bonus from the mayor. She brushed off the compliments he paid to Cheyenne. When her trail boss tried to pull her aside for a conversation, she dismissed him and left for the hotel.

But the tall cowboy wouldn't leave her alone and paid her a visit to her room.

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