Spotty is a yippy little dog living as an outlaw with his owner near the Mexican border.


Spotty lived an outlaw life with his owner Stew Davis as part of the Bob Manson gang. Wherever Stew rode, Spotty ran close behind.

When the Manson gang pulled a stagecoach heist and was stuck with their prisoners on a mountainside, Spotty took a liking to a young lady named Joan Carter, despite the fact she was a yankee.

The group needed to skedaddle from that place before Shoshone indians attacked and Stew asked Joan to take care of Spotty when they made a run for it. Joan agreed, but Spotty had other plans. He jumped from her arms and ran faithfully after his master.

Stew met a violent end with a Shoshone bullet during the escape attempt. When the Shoshone were driven off, Spotty stood vigilant at the impromptu memorial erected for his owner by a tall, dark-haired scout.