Civil War veterans want to start a charity for children, but a greedy landowner thwarts their plans.

The Road to Three Graves
Season 5, Episode 3
Air date Oct. 31, 1960
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Episode Notes

  • Alan Hale, Jr., best known for playing the Skipper on Gilligan's Island, guest stars as Tuk in this episode.
  • This episode likely takes place in 1866, since Confederate veteran Carl Tower says he was in an Army hospital for a year after the end of the Civil War, and was just released.

Real World References

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Continuity Nitpicks and Errors

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After winning a freight contract job in a poker game, Cheyenne Bodie inspects the wagon and cargo. A man named Tuk thinks Bodie is stealing and with a swing starts a rip-roaring fight. The two men beat each other to a stand still and finally realize that they are supposed to be working together. Cheyenne's cargo is headed to Tuk's associates up in the mountains so they can mine a gold claim.

Tuk is a member of The Brothers, a group of Civil War veterans who want to make restitution by building a home for children orphaned by the war. So far, their mining plan has been foiled by Manuel Loza, a local tyrant who is leasing them the land and hates the independent spirit Tuk and his men represent. Tuk and Cheyenne can't move their cargo until they hire a third driver. No one wants the dangerous job because the last three men who attempted the trip were killed. Tuk finds a veteran named Carl Tower who is willing to make the trip into hostile territory.

The men drive along the Road to Three Graves toward a town named Security which is Loza's headquarters. The way is narrow and dangerous. Hazards including road debris, a nighttime ambush and a broken wheel nearly bring the trip to an end. As Tuk repairs the wheel, Tower tells Cheyenne the real reason he took the job -- his future wife and son are waiting for him in Security.

The trio of wagons makes it into Security only to receive a menacing welcome from Loza and his men. Cheyenne and Tuk shrug off his threats and attend Carl's wedding to Mrs. Norris. But before Carl can enjoy his wedding night, Loza's men kidnap him and drag him in front of the greedy man. When Loza threatens the lives of Carl's new family, he informs Loza of Tuk's plans to use decoy wagons to throw off any pursuers.

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