Pop is a crusty old rustler who loves his daughter mightily.


Pop Keith has been trying to scratch a living out of the earth as a homesteader, but his rancher neighbors have made his hard life even harder. They resented his homestead breaking up their open range and burned his crops to try to force him out.

To even the score, Pop rustled a steer or two from his neighbors' herds.

On one such occasion of rustling, a mob of men from the ranch of Ed Roden, Sr. caught him, but they didn't want to punish Pop for rustling. They accused him of killing Ed's son and put a rope around his neck to lynch him. Lucky for Pop, a trio of lawmen led by Marshal Len Merrick rode up and forced the mob to give him up. The marshal was intent on taking Pop to Santa Loma for trial, and so began the long trek to justice, picking up Pop's daughter Mary along the way.

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