A family man will die on the gallows at noon unless Cheyenne can find the reason why he confessed to a murder.

Noose at Noon
Season 3, Episode 19
Air date June 3, 1958
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The Angry Sky

Episode Notes

  • This episode is retold in comic book form in Cheyenne Comic Number 11 with Ty Hardin as Bronco substituted for Cheyenne.
  • Bonanza star Dan Blocker has a small role in this episode as Sam the deputy.

Real World References

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Continuity Nitpicks and Errors

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Cheyenne Bodie rides into town expecting to make a social visit to the O'Neil family, but gets a nasty surprise when the deputy sheriff tells him Jim O'Neil is scheduled to be hung for murder. When Cheyenne visits the jail, Jim is happy to see the tall cowboy but tight-lipped about the murder he allegedly committed. Jim begs Cheyenne to leave things alone and ride out of town.

Wanting to help his friend, Cheyenne starts investigating. He asks Judge McHenry about the case and the judge says Jim wouldn't speak up in his own defense.

Cheyenne makes a quick shopping trip and runs into rancher Duke Rhein and his nasty hirelings Flowers and Billy Bob. Bodie has to teach the men a physical lesson in manners and Duke is impressed with how Cheyenne handles himself.

When Bodie arrives at the O'Neil ranch, he's greeted with bullets. Neighbor Ike Thompson is watching over the spread while Jim's in jail and he isn't very friendly to visitors. Cheyenne convinces Thompson through gritted teeth he's a family friend. One short ride to the ranch house later, Cheyenne greets his godchild Susie, her mother Mary and their loyal hand Lonzo. Cheyenne and Lonzo discuss Jim's situation, but he is just as befuddled as everyone else if Jim is truly guilty. Jim was acting strangely before the supposed murder, and it could have something with the secretive Rhein and his recent use of the O'Neil ford across the river. Cheyenne decides to visit the Rhein spread and ask questions.

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"What'll it be, Bigger-N-Me?"

- A waitress gives Cheyenne a new nickname.

"Ya'll can't tell me the West ain't still wild!"

- Billy Bob heckles Cheyenne for carrying a doll.

"I'm sorry, judge, but there's a gentleman here to see you."
"What's his name?"
"Cheyenne Bodie."
"Heh, he's no gentleman. Send him in."

- Judge Roy McHenry disagrees with the hotel clerk about Cheyenne.

"Last I heard you were a deputy up in Wyoming country. What happened?"
"The climate didn't agree with me. Too much lead in the air."

- Judge McHenry and Cheyenne talk about the weather in Wyoming.

"One thing about a hanging, it brings a lot of nice people together. Better than a cock fight because the ladies can come too."

- Judge McHenry gets sarcastic about capital punishment.

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