No one is safe around the greedy prospector Nagel, neither his foes nor his friends.


Nagel's venture with his partners Cooper and Bill Logan at the Three Partners Mine was starting to pay off big. But Nagel didn't want to share the success with his partners. He hatched a plot to kill the other two and keep the gold for himself.

When his plan didn't quite pan out, Nagel blamed Logan's murder on a Sioux indian named Little Chief and planned revenge with a mob of townspeople. But a tall, dark-haired cowboy named Cheyenne intervened. 

After a reprimand by the local miltary commander for causing problems with the Sioux, Nagel conducted an interview with a reporter named Fay Kirby about Logan's death and convinced her that Little Chief was guilty. Then he continued with his plan by fooling the illiterate Cooper into signing a quit claim to his portion of the mine, but still used his help to work the claim.

Later, Kirby informed him of the location of Little Chief so he could take the indian in to face trial. Nagel had other plans. He and some men from town arrived at the location and started shooting, much to Kirby's dismay. The Army intervened but not before a man on both sides was killed and Little Chief was arrested, which was in direct violation of the Army's agreement with the Sioux.


Nagel and Cheyenne face off.

In town, Nagel was roughed by Cheyenne until he admitted that Kirby and he were working together to trap Little Chief. Nagel then went back to work the mine with Cooper. That night, the pair were interrupted when Cheyenne barged in to their cabin, then told Cooper of the quit claim and Nagel's treachery. When Cooper tried to draw, Nagel shot him, grabbed the gold and rode off.

Nagel was on the trail when he looked back and saw that Cheyenne was following him. Nagel wasn't too worried, since the tall scout was unarmed. But Cheyenne wouldn't give up, even after Nagel chased and threatened him. After a long ride, Nagel took a position to ambush Cheyenne, not realizing Bodie had ridden ahead. He had made a bow and arrow and had it pointed at Nagel. When the prospector turned to gun him down, Cheyenne let the arrow loose and shot Nagel in the chest, killing him.

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