Morton Scott is a friendly chap earning a living as a salesman for the Smith & Wesson Firearms company. He is the guardian of his kid brother, Tommy.


Scott is making his way to the Wyoming territory as part of a combined wagon train and cattle drive. Unfortunately, the guide for the train got the fever and died, leaving Mort and the settlers lost. Luckily for them army scouts Cheyenne Bodie and Smitty cross their path and offer to take them to Fort Laramie where they can hire another guide.

That evening, rustlers cause the settlers' herd to stampede. In the commotion, Mort sees Tommy in danger and helps him into their wagon. In doing so, he gets in the path of the stampeding cattle and is trampled to death.

Smitty wears Mort's clothes and uses his samples to impersonate the late gun salesman in a scheme to retrieve the stolen cattle from the clutches of a gang in the nearby town of Julesburg.

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