Molly Crowley is willing to trade in her easy life as a wealthy rancher's daughter for true love.


Molly has a secret: she is in love with Johnny Bravo, a young Mexican working on the Crowley family's ranch, the Circle M. Another Mexican killed her brother, and her father thinks all Mexicans can't be trusted. Therefore, she has to keep her love a secret.

Because her father doesn't know about the relationship, her father is constantly playing cupid. He hires single men to be his ranch foremen in the hope that Molly will want to marry one of them. His latest hire is a tall, dark-haired cowboy named Cheyenne Bodie. While she's giving him a tour of the ranch, Molly lets Cheyenne know the real reason he was hired. Cheyenne decides to quit and, as he rides away, Molly begs her father to stop trying to set her up.

That evening, Molly meets Johnny out in the barn. The pair had planned to elope and start a new life as homesteaders. But Johnny is reluctant to take Molly away from her easy life on the ranch for the difficult life on a homestead. Molly takes his reluctance as rejection.

Their conversation is interrupted when Cheyenne's horse enters the barn without a rider. Johnny leaves to find out what happened to the cowboy. He brings Cheyenne back to the house, bloodied and beaten by squatters who are feuding with her father. While Molly is nursing him back to health, Johnny visits and tries to explain his reasons for not eloping. They kiss and Johnny leaves. Molly notices that Cheyenne is awake and has overheard their conversation. He promises to keep their secret.

The next day, Johnny tells Molly that he is leaving the ranch. He can't live a lie anymore. To keep him from leaving, Molly agrees to reveal their relationship to her father. The meeting is a predictable disaster. Crowley is furious when he learns the truth and tries to get his gun but Johnny wrestles him for it. Cheyenne pulls them apart. Their conflict is interrupted by the squatters who have killed the local marshal and deposited him on their front porch.

Her father's fight with the squatters flares up. He, Cheyenne and Johnny travel out to a part of the ranch called Tamarac to confront them. Concerned, Molly follows and finds the fight over. The squatters are dead and her father is mortally wounded. Before he dies, he gives his blessing to Molly's and Johnny's relationship.

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