McCanles is a bully and crook who is taking advantage of the lack of law in Julesburg.


Grant McCanles and his men spotted a wagon train and a herd of cattle out on the range. McCanles directed his men to stampede the cattle and bring them back to the lawless town of Julesburg. After they arrive, he forged a fake bill of sale and then visited the local cattle broker, Wilfred Barnes. Rude and forceful, McCanles demanded payment as fast as possible and flirted openly with the broker's wife, Jeremy. Barnes headed out to the bank for the money and McCanles went to the hotel lobby for a card game.

While there, he met a traveling gun salesman and decided to put the man's wares to the test in a shooting contest out on the street. As a cruel joke, he forced the salesman and an innocent bystander to hold playing cards in their fingers as targets. To his surprise, the bystander was an excellent shot.

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