Matt Crowley is a prosperous rancher who is keeping an eye out for strapping young men who might make for him a good son-in-law.


Matt Crowley is a prosperous rancher, owner of the Circle M ranch and a widower with two grown children. Eager to get his son into the family business, Crowley backs his son’s plan to purchase longhorn cattle for the ranch from south of the border. Unfortunately, his son runs into bad company and is robbed and killed by a Mexican named Nance Partner. Crowley finds Partner and guns him down. After getting his revenge, Crowley hangs up his guns vowing never to use them again.

Years later, Crowley is getting a shave in town when a commotion brings both him and the barber outside to investigate. A fight that started in the bar between a tall, dark-haired cowboy and two other men has spilled out onto the street. The cowboy beats both men into submission and then walks back into the bar to have a drink with Johnny Bravo, one of Crowley’s ranch hands.

Impressed, Crowley seeks out the cowboy while he’s having dinner at a local restaurant and offers him a foreman job. The man, Cheyenne Bodie, declines, mentioning he’s already employed by Tom Lovelace as his trail boss. Crowley leaves, finds Lovelace and offers him $200 if he’ll let Bodie go and Lovelace agrees. Crowley waits in the hotel and runs into Cheyenne in the lobby. Now unemployed, Cheyenne inquires about the foreman position and Crowley agrees to take him on.

Crowley meets up with Cheyenne the next morning and they head back to the Circle M ranch. In the ranch house Crowley shows his new foreman a map of the property. He explains that he’s in a feud with Ben Taggert, a squatter who is claiming ownership of a portion of his land called Tamarac. Taggert's hired gunslingers have killed two of Crowley's hands in the feud, but Crowley is hoping that he can solve the problem through legal, rather than violent, means.

Crowley wastes no time in introducing Bodie to his daughter Molly. He’s hired several foreman in the recent past in the hopes that one of them will sweep Molly off her feet and she will finally get married. Unbeknownst to Cheyenne, he is the next candidate. Crowley asks her to show him around the ranch. As with the others, Molly agrees but treats Cheyenne with cold disinterest.

Crowley is surprised when Cheyenne returns early from the tour to announce that he’s quitting. Crowley asks him to stay, but Cheyenne repeats that he isn’t interested. Angered by this, Crowley orders him to get off his property and then yells for Molly. His daughter begs Matt to stop trying to marry her off and Crowley just can’t understand why she isn’t interested in the men he brings home for her.

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