Deputy Lou Gray is a hired gun who will do what's best for his own interests.


Like his name, Lou Gray isn't black or white, but gray. He either stands for the law or for his own way depending on the situation. Marshal Len Merrick described him as a gun, another man to pull a trigger. But other than that, Lou can't be counted on for much.

Lou was riding with Merrick and a cowboy named Cheyenne Bodie when they happened upon a lynch mob about to hang a homsteader named Pop Keith for murder. Merrick ordered Lou and Cheyenne to take Keith to Santa Loma for trial and shoot anyone who tried to stop them.

When the mob kills Merrick and forces the group into the waterless desert, Lou demands that they change course, but Cheyenne refuses. Lou turns on the tall deputy and forces Cheyenne to hold him prisoner as well.

When Cheyenne faints from lack of sleep and water, Lou grabs a gun. But Pop Keith shoots him dead before he can fire.


  • The character of Lou Gray is based on a character of the same name from the film Along the Great Divide, starring Kirk Douglas and Virginia Mayo. The character was played by Ray Teal, an actor who played several roles on the Cheyenne series.

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