Season 1: 1955-56

#TitleOriginal airdateSummary
1.1 Mountain Fortress Sept. 20, 1955 Bandits, soldiers, civilians and indians fight for survival on a rocky hilltop.
1.2 Julesburg Oct. 11, 1955 Cheyenne and Smitty assume false identities to help settlers recover their stolen cattle in the lawless town of Julesburg.
1.3 The Argonauts Nov. 1, 1955 Cheyenne joins two prospectors to find gold and get rich, but greed has a dangerous affect on the partnership.
1.4 Border Showdown Nov. 22, 1955 Cheyenne and Smitty head to Mexico to bring the leader of a criminal gang back to justice.
1.5 The Outlander Dec. 13, 1955 Roughed up and driven out of town for no apparent reason, Cheyenne returns to investigate the mystery of Prairie Springs.
1.6 The Travelers Jan. 3, 1956 A vengeful father, a traitorous deputy, a protective daughter and a waterless desert threaten Cheyenne’s mission to bring a prisoner to trial.
1.7 Decision Jan. 24, 1956 Spooked by the threat of indian attack, a cavalry commander orders an ill-advised trek across the desert.
1.8 The Storm Riders Feb. 7, 1956 Cheyenne joins a group of ranchers standing up against a corrupt landowner, but is betrayed by the lead rancher’s wife.
1.9 Rendezvous at Red Rock Feb. 21, 1956 Wealthy townspeople ask Cheyenne to betray his new friend, a man they claim is a killer.
1.10 West of the River March 10, 1956 A squad of military prisoners under Cheyenne’s command tries to rescue two sisters kidnapped by indians.
1.11 Quicksand April 4, 1956 A trip leading settlers to a new home puts Cheyenne in a showdown with the Utah Kid and a test of courage with a Comanche chief.
1.12 Fury at Rio Hondo April 17, 1956 Caught between French soldiers and Mexican rebels, Cheyenne tries to skip town with a blonde southern belle.
1.13 Star In the Dust May 1, 1956 Cheyenne puts on a deputy’s badge when he finds a role model in a town sheriff, but stolen money and a woman come between them.
1.14 Johnny Bravo May 15, 1956 Cheyenne’s new duties as ranch foreman include marrying the wealthy rancher’s daughter.
1.15 The Last Train West May 29, 1956 On the run from the law on a west-bound train, Cheyenne’s plans for revenge are interrupted by a reverend’s sister who threatens to turn him in.

Season 2: 1956-57

#TitleOriginal airdateSummary
2.1 The Dark Rider Sept. 11, 1956 Cheyenne joins a group of investors on a cattle drive, but one of the party is a killer.
2.2 The Long Winter Sept. 25, 1956 While wintering a herd in the mountains, Cheyenne deals with rustlers, bickering trail hands, a mule, Christmas and unrequited love.
2.3 Death Deals the Hand Oct. 9, 1956 Cheyenne tries to keep a friend and business partner from losing his savings to card sharps during a steamboat voyage.
2.4 The Bounty Killers Oct. 23, 1956 Deputized to help a marshal collect a bounty, Cheyenne has second thoughts when he learns of the man's methods and reputation.
2.5 The Law Man Nov. 6, 1956 Cheyenne investigates a cattle rustling case that local ranchers and his old friend want to keep closed.
2.6 Mustang Trail Nov. 20, 1956 Cheyenne joins an estranged couple on a business venture to wrangle mustangs from south of the border.
2.7 Lone Gun Dec. 4, 1956 Hoping to pay a secret debt, Cheyenne forcefully takes over a lucrative cattle drive from cowhands who don't want him in charge.
2.8 The Trap Dec. 18, 1956 Corrupt mine operators arrest travelers for minor offenses and force them to work as slaves at a silver mine.
2.9 The Iron Trail Jan. 1, 1957 Young bandits plan a presidential kidnapping after they hijack a train and take the passengers prisoner.
2.10 Land Beyond the Law Jan. 15, 1957 On the run from the law for a murder he didn't commit, Cheyenne must infiltrate a criminal gang and find the real killer.
2.11 Test of Courage Jan. 29, 1957 Cheyenne is court-martialed for cowardice as part of a spying plot to find who is keeping the Army from getting desperately-needed horses.
2.12 War Party Feb. 12, 1957 After he shoots a successful prospector in self-defense, Cheyenne tries to help him and his pretty wife escape from crooks and indians.
2.13 Deadline Feb. 26, 1957 The future of a town newspaper is in the hands of a drunk, and a corrupt businessman with political aspirations wants it to fail.
2.14 Big Ghost Basin March 12, 1957 A mystery must be solved when someone or something is killing men and leaving strange signs behind.
2.15 Born Bad March 26, 1957 Cheyenne puts on a sheriff badge to search for an outlaw, but the job is complicated by the outlaw's sister and father.
2.16 The Brand April 9, 1957 Cheyenne befriends two young siblings whose outlaw brother may have murdered Cheyenne's business partner.
2.17 Decision at Gunsight April 23, 1957 After taking on a livery stable business, Cheyenne is forced to contend with a gangster running a protection racket.
2.18 The Spanish Grant May 7, 1957 A large parcel of land is up for grabs when the only surviving heir is a baby Cheyenne rescues from a stagecoach robbery.
2.19 Hard Bargain May 21, 1957 Despite being gravely injured, Cheyenne does what he can to help a young man come clean after he falls in with thieves.
2.20 The Broken Pledge June 4, 1957 Hoping to make a name for herself, a newspaper reporter orchestrates a volatile situation between the Army and the Sioux.

Season 3: 1957-58

#TitleOriginal airdateSummary
3.1 Incident at Indian Springs Sept. 24, 1957 A pacifist schoolteacher commits a mistake that makes him the target of a vicious gang.
3.2 The Conspirators Oct. 8, 1957 Cheyenne impersonates a traveling stage actor in to order to stop the rebirth of the Confederate army.
3.3 The Mutton Puncher Oct. 22, 1957 Cheyenne gets caught in a range war between his unscrupulous cattle boss and a strong-willed businesswoman.
3.4 Border Affair Nov. 5, 1957 While escaping from an arranged marriage to a tyrant, a beautiful, mysterious girl rushes into Cheyenne's life.
3.5 Devil's Canyon Nov. 19, 1957 Murder and mystery surround a possible fortune in diamonds hidden in a place that only Cheyenne knows how to find.
3.6 Town of Fear Dec. 3, 1957 A town turns on their sheriff when he accidentally kills a popular man.
3.7 Hired Gun Dec. 17, 1957 As a range war flares up, Cheyenne investigates who hired a professional killer and which rancher was his target.
3.8 Top Hand Dec. 31, 1957 Ranch owners fight between each other over land, water rights, and who gets Cheyenne as a top hand.
3.9 The Last Comanchero Jan. 14, 1958 A criminal causes trouble for Marshal Bodie, as do townspeople, the criminal's son and a young man who wants revenge.
3.10 The Gamble Jan. 28, 1958 Cheyenne is pressed into helping a woman hide her gambling parlor from her visiting daughter while protecting it from a hostile takeover.
3.11 Renegades Feb. 11, 1958 A young man has to choose between following honor with the Army or following his heart and his horse.
3.12 The Empty Gun Feb. 25, 1958 A gunslinger enlists Cheyenne's help to pay a debt from his past, but his notorious reputation complicates his efforts.
3.13 White Warrior March 11, 1958 A young white man raised by Comanche indians tries to reintegrate into white culture on a wagon train destined for danger.
3.14 Ghost of the Cimmaron March 25, 1958 Cheyenne is forced to partner with a notorious outlaw after they are both betrayed by the outlaw's apprentice.
3.15 Wagon-Tongue North April 8, 1958 After killing a man in self defense, Cheyenne hides his identity from the man’s widow while helping bring her cattle through hostile territory.
3.16 The Long Search April 22, 1958 Secrets are exposed in a town after a young boy goes missing and a nearby Sioux tribe is blamed for his disappearance.
3.17 Standoff May 6, 1958 Criminals threaten to destroy an entire Mexican town if the man who tried to assassinate their leader doesn't reveal himself.
3.18 Dead to Rights May 20, 1958 The death of his business partner leads Cheyenne into the middle of a murder plot, a contested inheritance and a missing boy.
3.19 Noose at Noon June 3, 1958 A family man will die on the gallows at noon unless Cheyenne can find the reason why he confessed to a murder he didn't commit.
3.20 The Angry Sky June 17, 1958 A killer masquerading as a judge invites Cheyenne into his home for a game of cat and mouse.

Season 4: 1959-60

#TitleOriginal airdateSummary
4.1 Blind Spot Sept. 21, 1959 A gang of Southern sympathizers holds a town captive and complicate Bodie's efforts to reunite a boy with his ailing father.
4.2 Reprieve Oct. 5, 1959 Cheyenne tries to convince a young man to leave a gang of criminals by pretending to be his long-lost father.
4.3 The Rebellion Oct. 12, 1959 Mexican rebels rescue Cheyenne from French troops, but he has to stand against their brutal leader's plans to assassinate Mexico's president.
4.4 Trial By Conscience Oct. 26, 1959 "The play's the thing"; Cheyenne takes a cue from Shakespeare's Hamlet when a corrupt businessman tries to get away with murder.
4.5 The Imposter Nov. 2, 1959 After nearly dying with a wealthy friend in a cave-in, Cheyenne learns the man left him a large estate and multiple enemies.
4.6 Prisoner of Moon Mesa Nov. 16, 1959 A rancher's iron grip on his land, the local town and his daughter leads to injustices of all kinds.
4.7 Gold, Glory and Custer-Prelude Jan. 4, 1960 Cheyenne is assigned as scout to Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer just before gold and greed lead to disaster. (Part 1 of 2)
4.8 Gold, Glory and Custer-Requiem Jan. 11, 1960 Cheyenne is the only survivor of the Custer Massacre and powerful men want to silence his testimony. (Part 2 of 2)
4.9 Riot at Arroyo Seco Feb. 1, 1960 When a dry well leads to murder and an uprising, Sheriff Bodie has to defend himself in court against an entire town.
4.10 Apache Blood Feb. 8, 1960 A young white man raised by Apache indians rebels violently when his hosts won't accept his love for a Mexican girl.
4.11 Outcast of Cripple Creek Feb. 29, 1960 Cheyenne is hired to keep order in a corrupt cow town separated into civilized and uncivilized parts.
4.12 Alibi for the Scalped Man March 7, 1960 Cheyenne arrives for his friend's wedding, but he smells a rat when he learns the groom has disappeared and his bride doesn't care.
4.13 Home Is the Brave March 14, 1960 Bigoted townspeople refuse a proper burial for a war hero because of his race and his past.

Season 5: 1960-61

#TitleOriginal airdateSummary
5.1 The Long Rope Oct. 3, 1960 Cheyenne returns to challenge corruption in a town that played a significant role during his teenage years.
5.2 Counterfeit Gun Oct. 10, 1960 Cheyenne must clear his name after he is accused of being allied with a criminal who can be in two places at once.
5.3 Road to Three Graves Oct. 31, 1960 Civil War veterans try to start a home for orphans, but a greedy landowner wants the valuable land and an end to their defiance.
5.4 Two Trails to Santa Fe Nov. 28, 1960 Gold fever clouds the judgment of prospectors as the Army withdraws and hostile indians close in.
5.5 Savage Breed Dec. 19, 1960 A motley crew of men and women are after more than buffalo when they join Cheyenne and a senator on a hunt.
5.6 Incident at Dawson Flats Jan. 9, 1961 Cheyenne has to stop a lynching after a friend accidentally kills his future brother-in-law.
5.7 Duel at Judas Basin Jan. 30, 1961 Bronco Layne calls on Cheyenne to stop an illegal gun trader and clear Tom "Sugarfoot" Brewster of a murder charge.
5.8 The Return of Mr. Grimm Feb. 13, 1961 A wealthy man holds an entire town hostage when they refuse to convict Sheriff Bodie for the murder of his son.
5.9 The Beholden Feb. 27, 1961 A strict lawman has no love for the town fathers forcing him out, but his plan for revenge entangles Cheyenne, who is his replacement.
5.10 The Frightened Town March 20, 1961 Criminals masquerading as cowhands in Cheyenne's cattle drive threaten revenge on a town as a cover for a bank robbery.
5.11 Lone Patrol April 10, 1961 A headstrong Army officer disregards Cheyenne's advice, plows into enemy territory and orders a young soldier to make a wasted sacrifice.
5.12 Massacre at Gunsight Pass May 1, 1961 After a senseless killing of one of their own, vengeful indians trap Cheyenne at a way station with criminals and stagecoach passengers.
5.13 The Greater Glory May 15, 1961 Cheyenne marvels at the faith of a Mormon woman when she survives hardship on the trail with what seems like supernatural help.

Season 6: 1961-62

6.1 Winchester Quarantine Sept. 25, 1961 A married rancher tries to woo Cheyenne into agreeing to move her herd through a quarantine area while her lazy, bemused husband watches.
6.2 Trouble Street Oct. 2, 1961 A bully of a deputy with a town under his thumb tries to frame Cheyenne and a carpenter of murder.
6.3 Cross Purpose Oct. 9, 1961 When the discovery of a hero's body sullies of his reputation and incriminates his subordinate, Cheyenne tries to learn the truth about his death.
6.4 The Young Fugitives Oct. 23, 1961 Framed for murder, a shy young man with a talent for sharpshooting is chased down by a vengeful family.
6.5 Day's Pay Oct. 30, 1961 Townspeople want to hire Cheyenne to fight off a criminal gang just as he's trying to rid himself of a bank-robbing fugitive who saved his life.
6.6 Retaliation Nov. 13, 1961 After a town bank is robbed, Cheyenne uncovers a conspiracy of revenge dating back to the Civil War.
6.7 Storm Center Nov. 20, 1961 Synopsis here.
6.8 Legacy of the Lost Dec. 4, 1961 Cheyenne is introduced to what could be his long-lost family, but lies, jealousy and old hatreds poison his new relationships.
6.9 The Brahma Bull Dec. 11, 1961 A bounty hunter's plan using Cheyenne as bait to trap outlaw brothers backfires.
6.10 The Wedding Rings Jan. 8, 1962 While making amends to the family of a man he might have killed, Cheyenne runs afoul of a local tyrant and his greedy, murderous policies.
6.11 The Idol Jan. 29, 1962 A gunslinger past his prime plans to go out in a blaze of glory until a widow and her son make him want to live again.
6.12 One Way Ticket Feb. 19, 1962 Cheyenne juggles his duties escorting a famous criminal to prison while romancing a wealthy widow from the East.
6.13 The Bad Penny March 12, 1962 A series of threatening notes and deaths coincide with the arrival of a beautiful young woman.

Season 7: 1962

#TitleOriginal airdateSummary