Brad Forsythe is trying to find his missing fiancé after an attack by Shoshone.


Brad Forsythe was stationed to Fort Kermis, away from his fiance Joan Carter. After a separation for more than two years, Joan traveled by stage to visit him. When her stage was overdue, Brad led the scouting party to find out what happened.

Forsythe's party found the battered stage on its side and empty of passengers and wealth. His scouts followed the tracks to a rocky mountain side where Joan was waiting with two men, Cheyenne Bodie and Smitty. Unfortunately, they were bait in a trap set by Bob Manson and his gang of outlaws. Manson killed two of Forsythe's men and threatened Joan as well unless Forsythe obeyed him. Forsythe was anxious to try to overthrow Manson and escape, but Bodie encouraged him to wait for a better opportunity.

Forsythe was able to have a tender moment with Joan, reminding him of his love for her after their long separation.

The better opportunity came when the Shoshone attacked. As Joan rode to safety, Forsythe joined the others in leading the indians away on a high-speed chase through the desert. When they ran into a dead end, Forsythe and the others turned to shoot it out with the indians. As their ranks dwindled due to indian arrows and spears, they were rescued by an approaching column of cavalry soldiers. Forsythe survived to see Joan again and invite Cheyenne to their wedding.


  • Actor James Garner played Brad Forsythe. This was Garner's television debut in what proved to be a long career on the small screen.