Joan Carter is headed into the West to meet up with her fiancé. A bit of bad luck puts her into the company of criminals, indians and a tall, dark-haired Army scout.


Joan was missing her fiancé Brad Forsythe after a two-year separation and decided to go visit him on the frontier. While on her way to Fort Kermis, Shoshone Indians attacked the stagecoach. Riders drove them off and Joan survived the attack and the wreck, but her rescuers turned out to be a mix of bandits and their unwitting captives.

The bandits used Joan as bait to trap Brad and the men in his scouting party. Soon, both bandits and captives were in danger when the Shoshone returned and attacked them. Joan stayed in the background as the men fought off the attack. Bandit leader Bob Manson used Joan as a bargaining chip to get the Army scout to lead his men to the Mexican border. The scout had a different priority: to get Joan to safety.

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