Jess Tobin is a rotten, spoiled drunk of a rich man's son.


When he wasn't pushing around the townspeople of Arroyo Seco or plotting something nasty with his brother Harry, Jess was pulling a cork. The son of a wealthy man who didn't know his true nature, Jess was used to getting his way. So when a certain sheriff stopped Jess from running roughshod over the people of the town, Jess set his sights on making the sheriff's life a living hell.

Hoping to buy up the farmland around the town, Jess and Harry came up with a plan. They paid off the well driller their father hired to drill a dry hole and then pull out. As desperate farmers and ranchers packed up to leave, the Tobin brothers squeezed whatever money they could from the overdue mortgages, then foreclosed and got the land for cheap. The only problem was that a young man from town discovered the plan. Noler then shot and killed him to keep him quiet. Now Noler was in the Arroyo Seco jail ready to squeal on the brothers.

To avoid being found out, Jess rallied a drunken lynch mob and surrounded the jail, calling for Noler's release so the mob could hang him. Sheriff Bodie with rifle in hand demanded that the men leave. The mob tossed a rock into the sheriff's chest and advanced on the jail with Jess in the lead. To defend his prisoner, Bodie shot into the crowd and Jess fell dead.

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