Jed Wayne is getting a rocky start to his adult life after the death of his father.


Jed Wayne was carted around the frontier as his father, Army sergeant Tom Wayne, moved from post to post. Therefore the boy developed a wandering and defiant spirit. When he was old enough, his father gave Jed a horse named Glory who wasn't more than a pack horse, but Jed loved the animal very much.

At 17, Jed was living with friends in Santa Fe, NM when his father was killed in a battle against Comanche near the Verde River. Months after, family friend Cheyenne Bodie found Jed in jail for fighting. Cheyenne asked Jed to fulfill his father's last wish and enlist in the Army. Jed agreed to this and rode with Cheyenne to Fort Sumner.

Jed 's entry into Army life was rocky because of his devotion to Glory. When he wasn't allowed to keep Glory as his personal horse, Jed tried to quit the Army. Later, when Glory was injured and scheduled to be destroyed, Jed went AWOL to save the horse's life.

While in the wild, Jed ran into Little Elk, chief of the Comanche, who appreciated Jed's love for his horse. Jed was welcomed to stay in the camp of the Comanche. The indians helped nurse Glory back to health. Cheyenne followed after and despite the young man's hesitancy, Jed returned with Cheyenne to the fort.

The Comanche under Yellow Lance started to attack white settlers and took Cheyenne and the fort commander's daughter prisoner. Cheyenne was able to escape and ride Glory back to the fort. Unfortunately, the long ride was too much for the horse and he died in Jed's arms. Jed was present while Cheyenne and Little Elk confronted Yellow Lance and the rebel was killed by Cheyenne in a spear fight. 

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