Jed Begert is a rough and tumble cowhand who isn't what he seems.


Jed showed up when Victoria Wilson was hiring cowboys for a joint venture between herself, her husband and Cheyenne Bodie to wrangle mustangs in Mexico. Begert was friendly enough at the interview and impressed Victoria when he defended her honor against some rude cowboys. She hired him on the spot.

On the trail, Begert proved to be an able cowhand if a suspicious one. He did not want anything to do with Taylor Brock, a prospector the group met while in the bush. Begert's true colors started to show when he brutally abused one of the captured mustangs and made unwelcome advances on Victoria.

On a fateful afternoon, the indian bandit Chato ambushed their camp with a large group of marauders. Begert pulled a gun on the others and revealed he was working with Brock to betray the venture to the bandit. Before he could kill Cheyenne and kidnap Victoria, Begert was struck from behind by the horse that he had abused for so long. The animal trampled him to death.