Jamie Ames' short life came to a tragic end in Wyoming.


Young Jamie Ames traveled with his father from Texas to Wyoming on a hunting trip. The elder Ames hired a tall, dark-haired cowboy named Cheyenne Bodie to serve as their guide.

On the final day of the trip, Jamie was helping Cheyenne pack up for the trip home. Cheyenne's buffalo rifle was lying on the ground and he asked Jamie to hand it to him, when something terrible happened. The boy picked up the gun and somehow the weapon went off. Jamie was mortally wounded and died in Cheyenne's arms.

Members of the Ames family didn't blame Cheyenne for the accident, for which he was sincerely grateful and felt he owed them a debt.

A framed picture of Jamie sat on a table in the Ames household in his memory.


  • The actor for this character is uncredited
  • Jamie is often a nickname for the name James, so this character's proper name could be James Ames.

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