Cheyenne is assigned as scout to Lt. Col. Custer just before gold and greed lead to disaster at the Little Bighorn.

Gold, Glory and Custer-Prelude
Season 4, Episode 7
Air date Jan. 4, 1960
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Prisoner of Moon Mesa
Gold, Glory and Custer-Requiem

Episode Notes

  • This episode and its second part were edited together and released in European theaters in 1964 as a stand-alone feature film. 
  • Battle scenes in this episode were lifted from the film They Died with Their Boots On released in 1941.
  • Street scenes of Washington, D.C. in this episode were also used in the season three episode The Conspirators.
  • Scenes used to depict Cheyenne scouting the countryside are reused from the 1958 film Fort Dobbs staring Clint Walker and Virginia Mayo.
  • A French "photonovel magazine" was produced of this episode and published in 1964 by Star-Cine Adventures. The magazine consisted of still frames from the episode with dialog published within each frame, similar to a comic book.

Real World References

  • To tie this episode to real events, the narrative of this episode takes place across the span of two years, from when Custer’s expedition discovered gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1874, to the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876.

Continuity Nitpicks and Errors

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