He isn't much to look at, but Glory is dearly loved by his young owner Jed Wayne.


Glory was a given by Sergeant Tom Wayne to his son Jed.  When Tom died in the line of duty, Glory's young master grew very attached to the horse. 

Glory went with Jed and his friend Cheyenne Bodie to Fort Sumner when the young man enlisted to honor the last wishes of his father. When the commander Colonel Donovan told Jed that enlisted men weren't allowed to have horses, Jed tried to quit the army rather than leave Glory behind. Another officer reminded the commander that the Army could buy Glory. The commander agreed sight unseen and regretted his decision when he saw Glory in the flesh. The other soldiers didn't think much of Glory either, decorating him with flowers as a joke. This made Jed so angry he started a fight with them and was nearly put in the guard house.

Glory proved a less than adequate cavalry mount. During a review he bowed a tendon and threw Jed. The fort commander ordered that the injury was severe and Glory had to be destroyed. To save Glory's life, Jed went AWOL and took the horse deep into Comanche country. Chief Little Elk welcomed them both into his tribe and offered Glory care.

Glory was able to heal completely and was called on when Cheyenne needed to make the long trip back to the fort to warn them of imminent attack. Glory carried the tall scout the entire 100-mile trip without a rest. But when they arrived at the fort, Glory fell over from the exertion and died in Jed's arms.