George MacDonald
"Guess you didn't hear me say for you to leave town."

Played by

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The Outlander


Ranch Foreman, Blackmailer

Relationship to Cheyenne




Spouse/Love Interest




George MacDonald is skilled in the saddle but he has the black heart of a thief. Not much is known about his past, except that his origins lie north in Montana. MacDonald is an expert at keeping secrets and using them for his own ends. He's also good at keeping his criminal nature hidden from those he works with.


MacDonald came south from Montana looking for a woman named Kate, and when he found she had started a respectable life, he decided to use blackmail and brutality to make her life miserable. When a stranger came into town and threatened his blackmail scheme, MacDonald and three others roughed up the man and ran him out of town.

However, that stranger didn't scare easy, and MacDonald had the tables turned on him in a court of law. With outside help he escaped from jail and returned to threaten and steal again.

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