Marshal Frank Moxon is a killer with a badge. The wanted posters he carries with him say that his quarry are wanted, dead or alive. Moxon prefers them dead.


Moxon was a solitary man with a solitary mission: catch criminals on the run and turn them in for the reward. His life was a series of journeys that climaxed in killings in the name of the law. As such, he developed a severe and deserved reputation as a merciless killer, and he liked it that way.

On the trail one day, Moxon came across two men waiting for him in ambush. They mistakenly thought a tall, dark-haired cowboy name Cheyenne Bodie riding down the trail was Moxon and nearly killed him. The marshal shot both men from behind and the cowboy was grateful for the save. Impressed with Bodie’s gun handling skills, Moxon asked him to serve as deputy on his next mission in the town of South Fork. Bodie agreed.

Their quarry, John Sevier, was wanted for a murder committed 10 years ago. Moxon learned that in the interim, Sevier had become a pillar of the community of South Fork and was known for selflessness and kindness. When it became known who Moxon and his deputy were after, the marshal met heavy resistance from the townspeople. They tried to bargain with him, bribe him and threaten him, but Moxon refused to give up his mission. Finally, when the townspeople had Moxon under a noose and Sevier was pointing a gun at his chest, Moxon agreed to quit his bounty killer ways.

Once he was out of town with Bodie and Sevier, Moxon changed his tune and demanded that Bodie give up both the prisoner and his badge. The cowboy refused and Moxon decided to force his way using his gun. Unfortunately for him, Cheyenne was faster on the draw. Moxon was hit and fell from his horse, dead.