Frank is a mama's boy who cracks under pressure.


Frank's life was about to change. He was in town to meet his bride-to-be, Ella McIntyre, and bring her back to the family ranch. As he waited, Frank ran across a tall, dark-haired scout and an Englishman headed in the same direction, and they agreed to travel together to the Owl River valley.

Outside, Frank met his bride and was disappointed to see that Ella was much older than he expected. He acted on that feeling by being rude and standoffish with her.

On their way to the valley, the group was attacked by Comanche indians and Frank was forced to take shelter with the other settlers in an abandoned way station. After he was lightly wounded by an indian bullet, Ella took care of Frank and defended him from ridicule by the Utah Kid. Frank started to appreciate his future wife's spunk.

However, as the lack of water and tension began to wear on him, Frank took out his fear on his fiancé and insulted her loudly in front of everyone. He later apologized but Ella had had enough and broke off their engagement. Faced with certain death at the hands of savages, Frank gave Ella back the engagement ring as hers to keep and told her he would be his own man from then on.

Later, the guide made a deal with the Comanche chief to face a duel to the death in a mire of quicksand. Frank watched as the two men sank in silence. When the Comanche stopped the contest and pulled their chief out, Frank helped the settlers pull out their guide from the muck. Frank, the settlers and Comanches parted ways in peace.

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