Attempting Episode Chronological Order

Due to the episodic nature of the Cheyenne series, episodes follow no chronological or sequential order (with one exception). Example: Deadline in season two occurred more than ten years after Border Affair from season three. A small minority of episodes have actual dates appearing visually or in spoken dialog. Some episodes can be dated based on referenced historical events.  

Lacking an authoritative source, the rationale for placing all episodes of Cheyenne in order is based on conjecture since several episodes have no indication of when they occurred historically.

The placement of episodes in the timeline below is open for debate on this article's talk page.


1860 to 1865

  • Fury at Rio Hondo (Season 1) - likely between 1864-67: since the French are occupying Mexico
  • Border Affair (Season 3) - likely 1865, since the opening narration references the Black Decree which was issued in 1865; also, the real Empress Carlota returned to Europe in 1866.
  • White Warrior (Season 3) - dialog references Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, which would place this episode between 1864 and 1867

1866 to 1869

  • Road to Three Graves (Season 5) - likely 1866, since Carl Tower was recently released from an Army hospital in which he recuperated for a year after the end of the Civil War.
  • The Rebellion (Season 3) - the opening narration for this episode places it in 1867, the last days of the French occupation of Mexico
  • Standoff (Season 3) - Beloin says the Civil War ended two years ago, which would place this episode in 1867.
  • Julesburg (Season 1) - this episode took place in 1868 or 1869 since Wyoming became a territory in 1868, the Overland Trail was prominent until 1869, and the 1860s were the height of the historical town's period of lawlessness.

1870 to 1875

  • The Broken Pledge (Season 2) - Col. Custer first arrives in the Dakota Territory which occurred in 1873
  • Gold, Glory and Custer-Prelude (Season 4) - Events depicted in this episode span from 1874 to 1876, beginning the year when Custer's expedition discovered gold in the Black Hills to the Custer Massacre.
  • Duel at Judas Basin (Season 5) - a date written on a bank note indicates the date of this episode is 1875.
  • The Last Comanchero (Season 3) - the comancheros were wiped out by the US Army in 1875.

1876 to 1879

  • The Iron Trail (Season 2) - dialog references the Custer Massacre in 1876 and Grant's presidency which ended in 1877.
  • Test of Courage (Season 2) - dialog references the Custer Massacre in 1876 and that Crazy Horse is still alive (died 1877).
  • Deadline (Season 2) - in episode date places this episode in 1878.
  • Gold, Glory and Custer-Requiem (Season 4) - 1879 is the year of Marcus Reno's board of inquiry.

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