Ella is excited to start a new life with her fiancé, but the trip and the man turn out very different than she expected.


Ella journeys by stage to meet up with her cousin and fiancé Frank for the first time. The pair join a group headed to the Owl River Valley led by a tall, dark-haired scout. Unfortunately, the pioneers are attacked by Comanche indians and are forced to hold up in an abandoned way station.

Ella cares for Frank after he is injured in an exchange of fire with the Comanche, but the stress of the situation is starting to wear on him. When Frank pushes her away, Ella finds friendship with wagon driver Beef Simpkins and it is Beef who saves her from the unwanted advances of the Utah Kid. Later, Frank cracks under the strain and loudly insults his fiancé in front of everyone. Ella has had enough, hands him back the ring and declares they are through. Frank approaches her later and gives her the ring back as a gift and a kind of apology for treating her so badly.

The situation for the settlers worsens as their food and water disappear. The guide makes a deal with the Comanche chief for a contest to the death in a mire of quicksand. Ella holds onto Beef as the two men sink up to their chins in the goop. The Comanche give in and rescue their leader from the quicksand, as do the colonists. His honor satisfied, the Comanche chief lets the settlers leave.

Could Ella be headed for true love in the arms of wagon driver Beef? Only the stars can tell.

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