Bronco Layne calls on Cheyenne to help him stop an illegal gun trader and clear Tom "Sugarfoot" Brewster of a murder charge.

Duel at Judas Basin
Season 5, Episode 7
Air date Jan. 30, 1961
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Incident at Dawson Flats
The Return of Mr. Grimm


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Episode Notes

  • This episode is a crossover story with two other television series Bronco and Sugarfoot, both of which were produced by Warner Brothers. The three shows alternated in the same time slot collectively known as The Cheyenne Show, from 1957 to 1961.

Real World References

  • Major Grant mentions that General Custer has a favorable opinion of Cheyenne which places this episode somewhere after 1874 when Custer and Cheyenne first met.

Continuity Nitpicks and Errors

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