After taking on a livery stable, Cheyenne is forced to contend with a gangster running a protection racket.

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Errors and Continuity Nitpicks

  • After Cheyenne steals Gerrard's supply money a second time, he's shown riding away in a scene reused from the end of The Storm Riders from season one.

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Beaton and Bodie chat about the dangers of baiting Gerrard.

It sounds too good to be true. Ray Wilson has offered his friend Cheyenne Bodie the $3,000 deed to his livery stable in the town of Gunsight as payment for a $1,200 debt he owes the tall cowboy. Cheyenne is hesitant but decides to take the deal. Wilson gets out of town in haste while Cheyenne settles in to run the business.

That afternoon he’s visited by a tall, scar-faced man named Chuck Welch who demands $40 a week from Cheyenne payable to Delos Gerrard for the privilege of doing business. He refuses and Chuck warns him that he’s in for trouble. While Cheyenne's getting ready for bed that night, a noise in the stable rouses him to investigate. He’s attacked from behind, knocked out and two of his horses are shot. He wakes the next morning in bed with a headache and Gunsight’s sheriff, Dave Beaton, standing over him. Beaton fills him in on the details of Gerrard’s protection racket. All of Gunsight’s business owners are under the man’s thumb, even the bank. Bodie asks Beaton what he’s doing about it and the sheriff replies that if the townspeople are willing to be robbed every week, he’s not going to interfere.


Cheyenne takes out one of Gerrard's henchmen as he escapes from the hotel.

Cheyenne visits Gerrard in his hotel room to inquire about compensation for his dead horses. The man commands the cowboy to cooperate or else. Cheyenne leaves and heads straight for the local businesses where he demands money from the owners for his own protection racket. Cheyenne even goes to the school and demands money from every student. To inflict more pain on Gerrard, he sneaks into the office of the Blue Chip Saloon and takes the week's collection of protection money from owner Leda Brandt. Leda lets Cheyenne leave, assuming he won’t live long enough to spend it.

Gerrard meets with Cheyenne again and offers him a place in his outfit, but Bodie refuses and narrowly escapes from Gerrard’s men. While he’s holed up in the Blue Chip Saloon, Leda offers to hide him in her room upstairs. Gerrard’s men come to search but Leda and Gerrard himself shoo them away. When they’re alone, Leda warns Cheyenne that Gerrard is dangerous; he’s been in 17 duels in New Orleans and won all of them. Cheyenne asks if she’ll be safe from the gangster and Leda replies that she can handle him just fine; she is Gerrard's wife.


Cheyenne and Chuck fight over Gerrard's protection money.

The townspeople are getting fed up with this turf war. They pack up and move out of town to a safe distance. Gerrard is now stuck with a ghost town and no income. He commits to running the town businesses himself and sends his men to the next town for supplies. While on the way, Cheyenne ambushes them, steals their money and sends them back to Gunsight on foot. After he does this a second time, Gerrard decides to move on from Gunsight but not before he burns down the entire town.

Cheyenne rides out and meets with the townspeople to warn them of Gerrard’s plan. He tells them that the money he stole from Gerrard -- and collected from them -- is deposited in a nearby town bank. He never intended to keep it. Instead, he wanted to make them mad enough to do something about the situation.


Cheyenne hides in Leda's closet.

The next day, Cheyenne and the townspeople arrive in Gunsight with weapons while Gerrard’s men are drinking up what’s left in the saloon. To save lives on both sides, Gerrard challenges Bodie to a duel and provides a pair of dueling pistols. Cheyenne accepts and fumbles around with his pistol before they stand back-to-back to begin. Cheyenne quietly tells Gerrard that he’s discovered the man’s secret. He wasn’t fumbling with the pistol but inspecting it and saw that it was altered. He plans to compensate for the defect when he pulls the trigger. Hearing this, Gerrard foregoes the duel and commands his men to kill Cheyenne. When no one responds, Gerrard desperately offers $10,000 for Cheyenne’s death. His thugs are disgusted with his cowardice and leave.

With Gerrard’s hold on the town broken, Cheyenne packs up to move on. Beaton stops by the livery to share the news that he has resigned as sheriff. Cheyenne asks if he wants to purchase the livery for only $1,200 and Beaton expresses interest at the cheap price. The tall cowboy assumed he would and pulls out the new livery sign he had made earlier in the day with Beaton’s name on it.


"Any man who's fightin' for his rights and what belongs to him has a chance."

- Cheyenne tries to inspire courage in others to fight Gerrard.

“If you’re so anxious to get yourself killed, do it outside. We just got the place cleaned up from the last fight you had in here.”
“Mighty nice of you to worry about me.”
“I’m not worrying. I’m just neat.”

- Leda Brandt tries to convince Cheyenne she doesn’t care.

"Gerrard was carrying a gun. Does he know how to use it?"
"He fought 17 duels in New Orleans and there are 17 men in their graves. That should answer your question."
"Sounds like a pretty fair average."

- Leda Brandt and Cheyenne discuss Delos Gerrard’s success at killing.

"But you took our money the same as Gerrard. How are we gonna believe that you're with us?"
"Now let's get one thing straight. I'm not with you. I just don't like Gerrard or men like him."

- Gunsight's banker is confused about Cheyenne's loyalties, and he makes things clear.

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