Sheriff Dave Beaton likes to play it safe. The gangsters and gunslingers in his town are rotten to the core, but the townspeople wouldn’t fight against them when Beaton asked them to. So, he’ll keep both sides quiet…and that’s it.


When the gambler Delos Gerrard settled down in the town of Gunsight, Sheriff Dave Beaton could smell a rat. He watched as Gerrard gathered an army of gunmen and squeezed shop owners and businessmen into paying him protection money.

Beaton decided to do something about this nasty situation but, being of average build and skill with a gun, he needed help. He tried to recruit men among the townspeople to fight. Concerned for their families and themselves, they decided to live with Gerrard's corruption as long as it meant peace. Forced into this truce, Beaton maintained the will of the townspeople and let Gerrard have sway.

This situation started to shift when a tall, dark-haired cowboy named Cheyenne Bodie took over the livery stable and refused to pay Gerrard. Beaton did what he could to try to maintain peace between Gerrard and the obstinate Cheyenne, but the cowboy started a rival protection racket instead.

As the feud flamed up, Beaton watched Cheyenne accomplish what he couldn't. The stranger riled the townspeople so badly that they took action in the opposite way that Bodie wanted. They pulled up stakes and left the town. At their makeshift camp, Cheyenne rode into their midst and told Beaton and the others that the battle was over. Gerrard was leaving Gunsight...but not before he burned the entire town to the ground.

Beaton listened as Cheyenne told everyone that they had to fight to save everything they'd built. All agreed. Beaton helped Cheyenne position the men in a final showdown with Gerrard. Before any shots were fired, Gerrard and Bodie agreed to resolve the fight with a duel using the gambler's dueling pistols. Beaton was distressed by this decision, but couldn't persuade Cheyenne otherwise. He shouldn't have worried. The cowboy saw that the pistol had been altered to shoot wide and he planned to compensate. As Beaton started to count to ten, Gerrard chickened out of the duel. His men left him in disgust and his hold over the town was broken.

Immediately after this victory, Beaton resigned as sheriff. He payed a call to Cheyenne's stable to give him the news. The cowboy graciously offered him the livery business for cheap along with a new sign he had made up with Beaton's name across the top. The ex-sheriff accepted the gift and the business with a smile.