Cheyenne is accused of being allied with a criminal who is somehow able to be in two places at once.

Episode Notes

  • A very young Ron Howard, Hollywood director, a.k.a. Opie Taylor from The Andy Griffith Show, appears uncredited in this episode.
  • This episode has an alternate title, The Ringer.[1]

Real World References

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Continuity Nitpicks and Errors

  • When Cheyenne escapes from Crestline's sheriff, he's wearing his button-down, thick stitched shirt in one shot, his fringed doe skin shirt in the next shot, and then back to the button-down shirt as he rides into Cabriza.


Special Agent Cheyenne is just two weeks into his job for the railroad when bandits stop the train and steal the shipment of gold he's guarding. Cheyenne believes he knows the identity of the masked leader is Giff Murdock from his voice. But he doesn't get a fair hearing from the sheriff of Crestline after a dying bandit names Bodie as the gang leader! Cheyenne makes a hasty retreat south of the border to clear his name.

Cheyenne rides into a small town named Cabriza to find Murdock. He asks around town but people are tight-lipped. One thing they are certain of -- Murdock never leaves the area. He's seen every day by the townspeople. A fast-walking local named Julio offers his assistance as a personal interpreter and guide. After not making much progress in finding Murdock, Cheyenne decides to let Julio tag along for 20 pesos a day.

Mudrock finally appears in the cantina and invites Cheyenne to visit his ranch. Cheyenne is surprised to see Murdock fumble his cards in a poker game. The man that Bodie knew long ago was adept at handling a deck. Before Cheyenne can leave the cantina, the town sheriff knocks him out cold and jails him, intending to turn him in for the reward. Bodie isn't in jail for long when Murdock's pretty young fiancé Francie Scott pays his bail and offers him a large sum to aid his escape to South America. Cheyenne is going somewhere all right, straight to the Murdock ranch to get some answers!

After sneaking inside Murdock's house, Cheyenne finds Francie coaching Murdock how to shuffle a deck. However, the man isn't Murdock but Francie's father Richard Scott who is a dead ringer for Murdock. The real criminal steps into the room holding a gun on Cheyenne and explains everything. Scott is a small-time embezzler whom Murdock hired to impersonate him so he could cross the border and commit crimes. Impressed with Bodie's ability to see through his ruse, Murdock offers Cheyenne a job on the ranch but the tall cowboy isn't interested. Spurned, Murdock hands Cheyenne over to his toughs so they can take him in for the reward.

Scott is having second thoughts because he doesn't want his daughter to marry Murdock. He puts in motion an escape plan. Pretending to be Murdock, he and Francie have horses saddled to ride away with Bodie. The real Murdock interrupts their escape and a firefight ensues. Scott is hit badly just as a troop of soldiers come riding onto the scene led by none other than Julio! The soldiers shoot and kill Murdock and his gang, but the damage is done. Scott has died.

Julio reintroduces himself to Cheyenne as a member of Mexico's spy service. He has been trying to find evidence of Murdock's misdeeds for a while. Seeing Scott's body convinces him of Murdock's scheme and Cheyenne's innocence. He sees Cheyenne and Francie back to the US and hopes he and the big cowboy cross paths again.


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