A young boy heads west, hoping to meet a famous guide he's read about.

Book Notes

  • The book is an original story that does not refer to plots from television episodes.
  • Schmidt's illustrations actually resemble Clint Walker, unlike the art in most of the Cheyenne comic books where the main character looks nothing like Walker.


The parents of young Tom Murdoch have decided to move west out of Philadelphia. Tom is excited by this news because he's heard of many stories of a famous scout named Cheyenne Bodie and hopes to meet him while on the trail. When he tells this to his friends, they laugh at him, saying he'd make a terrible scout.

The Murdoch family travel by stagecoach to St. Louis, and there join a wagon train headed west. One evening while the wagons are circled, a tall man rides into the midst of the settlers. The man has been ordered by the Army to lead the settlers through the territory occupied by the Sioux. He introduces himself as Cheyenne.

Tom is so excited that he's finally meeting his idol. But how can he get Cheyenne to notice him?

The next day when Cheyenne leaves the wagons to scout on ahead, Tom follows him at a distance and tries to stay out of sight. But Cheyenne finds him and asks why he's out alone. Tom says he wants to be a scout, and is certain that Cheyenne will dismiss him. Instead, Cheyenne invites Tom along every day and teaches him the fundamentals of scouting.

While the wagon train is moving through a narrow canyon, Cheyenne suspects signs of a Sioux ambush and instructs the wagon drivers to swing north. The lead wagon driver scoffs at this and heads into the canyon. Just then Tom sights an indian and a rockslide rumbles down the canyon walls. It's an ambush!

The indians attack and the settlers dig in for a savage battle. After a fight, the indians flee and the wagons make it to Fort Fulson. Cheyenne credits Tom with the early warning about the ambush and says he'll make an excellent scout some day.

Tom asks Cheyenne to put what he just said in writing. When Cheyenne asks why, Tom says he plans on sending a letter back to his friends in Philadelphia with proof he met his idol.


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