Comic - Cheyenne: Manhunt

Rancher Duke Denver is running farmers and homesteaders out of Palo Blanco country with his gang of hired guns. Cheyenne Bodie agrees to negotiate with Denver on behalf of the farmers, but before he's even arrived at the Denver ranch house, he's beaten and knocked out. He wakes in Denver's office with the power-crazed rancher planning to hang him. Seeing his many hunting trophies, Cheyenne offers a deal: if Cheyenne can make it out of the valley alive, Denver will return the land to the farmers. Denver agrees to this manhunt. Cheyenne manages to elude the hunters and circle back to the ranch house where he finds evidence that Denver's land claim is a forgery. After the farmers arrive with the sheriff, Cheyenne shows him the evidence and Denver is finished.

Comic - Cheyenne: Trouble In Peace Valley

A fight between two cousins over an inheritance ends in an apparent murder. When the townspeople want lynch mob justice, Cheyenne steps in to defend the accused man, Rusty Drummond. Bodie doesn't much like the hotheaded Drummond, but he doesn't want to see an innocent man hang without a trial. Cheyenne search of the murder scene doesn't turn up anything that will exonerate Drummond. However, a chance meeting with a photographer leads him to a cabin in the Saddleback Mountains. Inside he's nearly brained with a gunbutt by Jen Keith, the man Rusty supposedly killed. Keith faked his own disappearance so that Rusty would be hung and he would be the only living heir left to their uncle Sourdough's estate. Cheyenne turns the tables on Keith, floors him with a mighty punch and brings him into town to face justice.  

Short Story - Westward Roll the Wagons

This story does not feature Cheyenne. Outlaws force a heavy ferry toll on a wagon train. The settlers are forced to pay with their supply money. As they make the trip across, they can't understand why their preacher is so cheerful about the situation.

Comic - Small Bear

This story does not feature Cheyenne. Small Bear finds a band of Crow with captives and spoils from a raid. He plans to cut short their invasion of Cheyenne land.


  • The stories in this comic are original and do not have television counterparts.


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