Comic - Cheyenne: The Mustang Trail

Cheyenne helps a struggling horse rancher capture wild mustangs and find the horse thieves that have been thinning out his herds.

Comic - Small Bear: Sign of Scorn

(This story does not feature Cheyenne.) Story synopsis here

Short Story - Lost Bonanza

(This story does not feature Cheyenne.) A clever sheriff helps a forgetful miner find a bonanza of a different kind.

Comic - Cheyenne: Last of the Buffalo

Greedy buffalo hunters impersonate Sioux indians and attack other hunting parties so they can steal abandoned hides.

Comic - Cheyenne: Close Call

Stuck in a crippling blizzard, Cheyenne is saved by...a herd of buffalo? (One-page black & white comic)

Comic - Cheyenne: Mustanger Ways

"I remembered an old mustanger trick..." Cheyenne tries to capture and tame a wild mustang. (One-page color comic)