Photo Montage

The inside front cover features a photo montage from the TV episode Mountain Fortress.

Story #1 - Cheyenne: Crossfire

Horse thieves force Cheyenne to drive their herd to Texas, and the tall cowboy has to find ways to slow them down so a posse can catch up.

Story #2 - Small Bear: The Fire Arrows

(This story does not feature Cheyenne.) Small Bear and his fellow Cheyenne need to find better grazing land for their winter-starved horses, but their Pawnee enemies are planning to stop them.

Story #3 - Would-Be Outlaw (text story)

(This story does not feature Cheyenne.) Story synopsis here.

Story #4 - Cheyenne: Guns Across the Border

Cheyenne goes undercover for the government to learn why an American citizen is squatting on Mexican land, and discovers an gun-running scheme that could cause an international incident.

Story #5 - Scouting

Cheyenne explains scouting signs for animals, water and other human beings. (One-page, black and white comic.)

Story #6 - Trail Cooking

Cheyenne describes different methods of cooking on the trail, as taught to him by Cheyenne indians. (One-page color comic.)


  • The stories in this comic are original and do not have television counterparts.


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