Comic - Cheyenne: Lone Gun

Story synopsis here. (The story Lone Gun is a comic depiction of the TV episode Lone Gun.)

Comic - Small Bear: Till the Rope Is Cut

This story does not feature Cheyenne. Story synopsis here

Short Story - Showdown

This story does not feature Cheyenne. Story synopsis here

Comic - Cheyenne: Badge of Trouble

Townspeople give Cheyenne a choice: Be their sheriff and hunt down the rustlers stealing their cattle, or be charged with the murder of their former sheriff.

Comic - Cheyenne: Trail Signs

"When I'm riding along, I always keep an eye peeled for indian trail signs." (One page, black and white comic.)

Comic - Cheyenne: Hunting the Grizzly

"The Cheyennes taught me to hunt this half-ton man-eater so that he winds up filling my stomach instead of me ending up as his supper!" (One page color comic.)


  • The comic begins with a one-page photo montage of stills from the TV episode Lone Gun.


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