Comic - Cheyenne: Test of Courage

(The story Test of Courage is a comic depiction of the TV episode Test of Courage.) There's a horse shortage and the Army is trying to get more mounts to Fort Hedley, but raiders have attacked every mission knowing exactly where to strike. Cheyenne must act as a spy to infiltrate the raiders and find out who is their traitorous contact inside the Army.

Comic - Small Bear: The Heart of a Dog Soldier

(This comic does not feature Cheyenne.) Small Bear wants to join the elite warriors of the Cheyenne tribe known as Dog Soldiers, but their leader Mighty Lance refuses his entry because of his height. When a Pawnee attack looms, Small Bear follows the Dog Soldiers into the wild to watch for a chance to prove himself.

Short Story - Reward

(This story does not feature Cheyenne.) Young Sam Enright mistakes Sheriff Todd's actions as motivated by greed, but learns why the sheriff acted the way he did when the criminals come calling.

Comic - Cheyenne: Gunsight

(The story Gunsight is a comic depiction of the TV episode Decision at Gunsight.) Story synopsis here.

Comic - Cheyenne: Gunsights

Cheyenne explains the different makes and tricks gunfighters use regarding their firearms. (Black and white, one-page comic.)


  • The inside front cover features a montage of photos from the Cheyenne TV episode Test of Courage.
  • Both Cheyenne comic stories in this issue are comic adaptions of television episodes from season two.
  • This is the debut of the Small Bear comic in Cheyenne comics. It will be published in every issue for the rest of the series' run.


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