Illustration - Indian Tribal Music

(One page black and white comic) Story synopsis here

Comic - Cheyenne: Court Martial

An army lieutenant faces a court martial for abandoning his post and the only person who can corroborate his story is an indian scout who went missing during the battle. Cheyenne heads into the wild to find the missing witness and save his friend, but other forces are at work to shut the indian up for good.

Comic - Small Bear: Warning In the Night

(This story does not feature Cheyenne.) Story synopsis here

Short Story - Silver City

This story does not feature Cheyenne. Story synopsis here

Comic - Cheyenne: The Hermit's Brother

A dying man pays Cheyenne to bring his hermit brother to his bedside so he can say goodbye. Cheyenne brings the grizzled old man to his family but when he insists he has no kin, the dying man and his cousins dismiss the hermit's ravings as part of his eccentric nature. Cheyenne has to find out who is telling the truth, and who is lying in order to make money on a land deal.

Comic - The Cherokees

This story does not feature Cheyenne. A description of the lives of Cherokee indians. (One page black and white comic.)


  • This is the last Cheyenne comic book released in America by Dell.


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