Comic - Cheyenne: The Medicine Buffalo

The existence of an albino buffalo in their herd has the Dakota tribe excited, but local hunters want to kill the animal for the value of its hide. If the buffalo dies it could mean death to the men who shoot it, or worse...war.

Comic - Small Bear: The War Dance

Small Bear must infiltrate a hostile tribe of Pawnee to learn if they plan to attack his village.

Short Story - Signal In the Sky

This story does not feature Cheyenne. A member of the native police is surrounded in a shack with his prisoner. He uses a familiar form of communication to call for help.

Comic - Cheyenne: Gambling with a Noose

Cheyenne is enlisted to help a woman's brother in finding evidence to stop a vicious gang of vigilantes, but collecting that evidence means getting a rope put around his own neck.

Comic - The Cowboy's Hat

This story does not feature Cheyenne. Various ways that a cowboy's hat served him both on the prairie and among society. (One-page black and white comic.)


  • The stories in the comic do not have television counterparts.