Comic - Cheyenne: The Captives

A woman hires Cheyenne to take her to a Pawnee encampment to find and bring back her brother Dan Clark, also known as the Pawnee chief Pale Hands.

Short Story - The Trap

This story does not feature Cheyenne. Cowboys on a cattle drive come up with a plan to turn the tables on rustlers at a pivotal point on the trail.

Comic - Small Bear: The Spy

This story does not feature Cheyenne. Cheyenne indian Small Bear plays dead in order to spy on a Sioux war party intending to invade the Cheyenne camp.

Comic - Cheyenne: The Squatter's Challenge

Squatters take over an abandoned mining claim from the Nugget Mining Company. The company rep wants them gone and hires Cheyenne to encourage the men to leave. But the men know the company is hiding a rich new gold vein and they're willing to risk their lives for it.

Comic - La Reata

This story does not feature Cheyenne. Pictorial history of the origin of the cowboy lariat. (One page, black and white comic.)


  • All stories are original to the comic and do not have tv episode counterparts.