Inside Cover - Cooking On the Trail

Practices of cooks on the cattle trail are depicted. (One-page, black and white comic.)

Comic - Cheyenne: The Cattle Buyer

A wealthy cattle buyer hires Cheyenne as bodyguard while he travels south of the border. The man agrees to ride along with a Mexican escort against Cheyenne's advice. The trail proves more dangerous than either man thought when secret identities are revealed and bandits trap them on a barren butte.

Comic - Small Bear: The Deception

(This story does not feature Cheyenne.) Food is frighteningly scarce and Small Bear has to deceive a war party of Crow indians into thinking the Cheyenne are trailing a herd of buffalo. If he loses the herd, Small Bear will lose his best war pony to his fellow hungry tribesmen.

Short Story - The Rifle Shipment

(This one-page text story does not feature Cheyenne.) An Army scout leading a supply train uses a clever trick to keep Chief Red Tongue from leading his warriors into war against the soldiers.

Comic - Cheyenne: Little Brother

Cheyenne leads a man into Cheyenne country to find his brother who he claims is living with the tribe. After several close calls, Cheyenne finds a white man living amongst the tribe, but the truth of his identity is an unexpected surprise.


  • The comics and stories in this edition do not have television counterparts.