Comic - Cheyenne: The War Trail

A hungry, marauding group of Cheyenne indians are headed toward their hunting grounds with a zealous Army major and rancher on their trail. Can Cheyenne keep the two sides from an all-out war?

Comic - Small Bear: The Captured Horses

(This story does not feature Cheyenne.) Small Bear must outsmart a group of Mandan in order to gain access to horses he and a friend were chasing.

Short Story - The Courage of Cooky (text story)

(This story does not feature Cheyenne.) Left behind as feeble and cowardly, Cooky turns the tables on his boss and on cattle rustlers.

Comic - Cheyenne: The Reluctant Witness

Cheyenne intervenes when a chase out of town involving a woman and a man erupts in gunfire. Their conflicting stories lead Cheyenne to take both of them prisoner and let the judge in town sort out the situation…if the three of them can make it back without killing each other.


  • The comic stories are original and do not have TV episode counterparts.