Comic - Cheyenne: Showdown Road

A string of stage coach robberies influences a desperate freight manager to hire Cheyenne as driver for his next shipment. Cheyenne’s willing, but he has an unconventional plan to keep the silver shipment safe and round up the robbers at the same time.

Comic - Small Bear: The Stranger In Camp

(This story does not feature Cheyenne.) A wounded Pawnee wanders into Small Bear’s camp, followed soon after by more of his tribe who claim he is a horse thief. Small Bear has to find out who is telling the truth.

Short Story - The Fugitive

(This story does not feature Cheyenne.) Lawmen chase down a fugitive and bring him in to face a judge, but not because he’s broken any laws

Comic - Cheyenne: The Land Grab

A crooked sheriff and squatters are keeping an eastern woman from rightfully claiming land her uncle left her, until Cheyenne decides to intervene.


  • The comic stories are original and do not have TV episode counterparts.