Comic - Cheyenne: The Rio Smugglers

(This is a comic retelling of the TV episode Noose at Noon with Bronco Layne replacing Cheyenne as the main character.) Story synopsis here.

Short Story - Avalanche Trap

(This text-only story does not feature Cheyenne or Bronco.) A sheriff trails a criminal who has a weapon that can kill and bury his victims at the same time.

Comic - Small Bear

(This story does not feature Cheyenne or Bronco.) Weakened from an attack by a mountain lion, Small Bear goes after the "ghost cat" to stop its savage attacks.

Comic - Cheyenne: The Crooked Circle

Story synopsis here.


  • While the comic is still titled Cheyenne, the main character is Bronco Layne, mirroring the Cheyenne television show when Ty Hardin replaced Clint Walker during the latter's contract dispute with Warner Brothers.


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