Comic - Cheyenne: Gunpowder Pass

Angry indians declare war on the Army and Bronco Layne as they try to build a new fort in the wilderness.

Comic - Small Bear

(Neither Cheyenne nor Bronco appear in the this story.) Small Bear and other Comanche search for game to feed their starving tribe in the dead of winter.

Comic - Cheyenne: The Ghost Trail

(This is a comic retelling of the episode Wagon-Tongue North with Bronco replacing Cheyenne as the main character.) Bronco helps a woman bring her cattle herd to market but must keep his identity a secret since he might have killed the woman's husband in self-defense.

Differences between the comic and the television episode:

  • Both Bronco and the sheriff from China Hat shoot at Del Swain, and neither knows which bullet actually killed him.
  • Mrs. Swain is not expecting a baby, although she looks like she's holding a baby in a couple of panels..
  • There's an extra scene at the end where Bronco sees Mrs. Swain off on a train.

Comic - Making a Cache

Bronco explains his method for making a hidden cache of supplies on the prairie. (Single-page, black and white story.)


  • While the comic is still titled Cheyenne, the main character is Bronco Layne, mirroring the Cheyenne television show when Ty Hardin replaced Clint Walker during the latter's contract dispute with Warner Brothers.


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