"Always direct and audacious, Cheyenne wasted no further time. He walked to the door and pushed it open. There was a shout from inside and a single shot."

Released in the United Kingdom, this Cheyenne Annual edition included five text stories, two color Cheyenne comics, one Small Bear comic, one game, and one informational illustration.


Text story: The Chief Maker

Cheyenne comes across a young Comanche brave alone in the wild and in bad shape. After he recuperates, Cheyenne learns the young man is named Red Wing and is heir to the chiefdom of his tribe, but has been usurped and banished by his relatives. Cheyenne helps Red Wing regain his position, not by force but by using forces of nature to his advantage.

Text story: Fool's Gold

Synopsis here

Comic: The Deadly Cave

To prevent a war, Cheyenne must protect a defenseless Crow warrior seeking a vision. But greedy bank robbers care more about their stolen money than keeping the peace.

Text story: Beef Trouble

Cheyenne runs across the paths of hungry Sioux and naive settlers who have purchased cattle stolen from the indians. Things turn ugly when the Sioux try to get their beef back by taking the settlers' children hostage.

Apache Pass Game

Two-page game requiring dice and place markers. "Come with Cheyenne Bodie through Apache Pass to deliver the mail to the outpost at Fort Apache"

Using dice, players move their markers across the board hoping to avoid obstacles and with the objective to reach the final square on the board first. Obstacles include snake bites, flooded rivers and lame horses.

Illustration: Iroquois Masks

Wooden masks used by the Iroquois.

Text story: Never the Twain shall Meet

Attempting to stop an accident, Cheyenne is thrust between a greedy lawyer and an Indian boy the lawyer has physically abused. The tall cowboy must try to keep them from killing each other, and him. The boy is putting a plan for revenge into place, but will Cheyenne be able to recognize it in time to stop him?

Text story: Great Medicine Lodge

Synopsis here

Comic: The Train Trap

Synopsis here

Comic: Small Bear Trapped

(This comic does not feature Cheyenne) - Synopsis here


  • The stories and comics in this issue are original and do not have television episode counterparts.

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