"From beneath hooded eyes Cheyenne studied him intently. The boy's eyes were frank and blue; in them seemed no hint of double-dealing."

Released in the United Kingdom, this Cheyenne Annual edition included five text stories, two color Cheyenne comics, one game, and five informational illustrations.


Text story: Trial By Water

Synopsis here

Comic: The Loner

Cheyenne can't understand the ethics of a man who is a true loner; he refuses to receive help from anyone, and refuses to help anyone else. But will his philosophy stand when thieves want to steal his gold claim?

Infographic: Lawmen

Profiles of four historic lawmen who were both real and legends.

Tracking the Bank Robbers Game

Are you as good as tracking as Cheyenne? Use dice and place markers to make your way along the path, avoid obstacles and track down the bank robbers.

Infographic: Indian Dwellings

"Put each indian in his correct home." Illustration of traditional indian dwellings and the tribe each belongs to.

Text story: Little Renegade

Synopsis here

Text story: The Tumbleweed Rustlers

Synopsis here

Comic: The Marked Witness

Synopsis here

Infographic: Indian Curios

Description here

Infographic: Indian Costume

Description here

Text story: South of the Border

Synopsis here

Text story: The Dog Soldiers

Synopsis here

Infographic: More Indian Costume

Description here


  • The cover image depicts Clint Walker in a red shirt and beaded-pocket jacket with claw clasps, a costume that matches the one he wore not as Cheyenne but as the character Luther Kelly in the movie Yellowstone Kelly.
  • The copyright page lists publication dates of 1960 and 1961 for this title.

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