"As he rode Cheyenne felt as though he was the only man in the world, and the feeling satisfied him."

Released in the United Kingdom, this Cheyenne Annual edition includes six text stories and two color comics, all of which feature Cheyenne.


Text Story: Rocky Mountain Vengeance

Texas Ranger Cheyenne Bodie is committed to bringing a killer to justice, but the man has a badge on his chest and a whole town behind him.

Comic: The Last Train West

(This is a comic retelling of the TV episode of the same name.) Jailed on a murder charge, Cheyenne escapes and heads back to the town to get revenge on the men who framed him. A preacher's sister tries to get him to change his plans.

Text Story: Deadwood Dilemma

Cheyenne brings a man with a gunshot wound into Deadwood for doctoring. The man's partner appears and the doc fingers the three of them as stagecoach robbers. Cheyenne must round up the robbers and convince the doc and a posse that he wasn't part of the crime. But how when the robbers are at work to frame him?

Text Story: Feud at Twin Forks

Story synopsis here

Comic: West of the River

(This is a comic retelling of the TV episode of the same name.) Cheyenne leads a group of military prisoners on a mission to rescue two women from Kiowa indians.

Text Story: Train Ends at Santa Fe

Story synopsis here

Text Story: Broken Arrow Bonanza

Story synopsis here

Text Story: The Feud

Story synopsis here


  • The two comics in this Annual are both reprints from Cheyenne Comic No. 2 released by Dell Comics.


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