Blaney Wilcox, a.k.a. the Pocatello Kid, is a remorseless thief and killer with a soft spot for his twin sister.


Blaney Wilcox was born a fraternal twin with his sister Francy. The siblings were very different. While Francy was sweet, obedient and friendly, Blaney was an anti-social troublemaker.

At least twice during his childhood, Blaney witnessed his sheriff father shoot two men, presumably in the line of duty.

As an adult, Blaney left home and started a life of crime. Known as the Pocatello Kid, his crimes became so numerous and severe that a bounty of $5,000 was placed on his head. His outlaw identity was hidden from his family and the community of Ryepatch where he was raised. Only his father Chad knew that Blaney Wilcox and the Pocatello Kid were the same person.

While on the run, Blaney was shot in the hand by a cowboy after he raided the cowboy's supplies. Blaney then ambushed a man named Gus Lundy and murdered him to steal his dinner. He then returned to Ryepatch to get help from his father, Chad Wilcox. Blaney found Chad in his office and scoffed when his father threatened him with a gun. Blaney manipulated Chad's shame and guilt into hiding him from angry townspeople who were searching for Lundy's killer.

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Character Notes

  • The Pocatello Kid is mentioned in the season three episode The Last Comanchero, during which the sheriff claims he has to chase after the Kid instead of stay behind and protect the criminal Rafe Larkin from a lynch mob.
  • Actor Wright King also appeared in two other episodes of Cheyenne: Quicksand and Ghost of the Cimmaron