Amy thought she was stuck behind a saloon piano for the rest of her life. But a chance encounter with a cowboy and a baby changed her future for the better.


While working as a piano player in the Silver Star Saloon for Blake Holloway, Amy Gordon saw a sight she'd never seen before: a tall, dark-haired cowboy in a bar holding a swaddled baby. Cheyenne was looking for Holloway but nearly got into a tussle with his top hand when the man told one too many jokes at the cowboy's expense. Amy intervened before the men started swinging. She brought both the fussing baby and the anxious cowboy back to her place.

Amy agreed to take care of the baby for a few hours while Cheyenne rode out to meet Holloway, his new boss. Amy was surprised to discover that she really enjoyed taking care of the child. Cheyenne returned later with a notorious bandit, Sancho Mendariz, who claimed to be the baby's godfather. Amy gladly gave the baby back to the men in order to return to her job, but Cheyenne still needed her help. She agreed to keep the child for another night more, and spend some time with the flirtacious Mendariz.

While both men were out the next day, Holloway's foreman showed up and lied to Amy in order to take the baby away to his boss. It turns out, the baby was the only heir to the ranch that Holloway had recently purchased, and the saloon owner was desperate to keep his new property, even to the point of murder. 

Cheyenne and Mendariz were able to rescue the baby from Holloway. Amy decided to become the baby's guardian and live on the ranch under Mendariz's care.